Building Contractor in Solihull and Sutton Coldfield | An Introduction to Snagging

Like any reputable building contractor in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and the West Midlands, Dial A Builder offers a start-to-finish service. While this begins with meetings, designs and planning, it usually ends with rectifying any snagging issues. A common term used in the construction industry, snagging is essentially a slang term with numerous meanings depending on the circumstances. This includes differing from project to project. As such, we advise checking with your contractor in which context they use the word.

In this blog, we provide a basic introduction to the term snagging. This ensures that, when you liaise with our building contractors, you have a clear understanding of what we mean.

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Your Guide to Snagging

What is a snag?
A snag refers to a small problem or defect arising in your property or extension after we complete the physical build. Snags can range from something that became damaged or broken during the build, or a small overlooked detail that isn’t quite right.

As trusted, experienced building contractors, we work to the highest of standards, so these snags usually only represent small cosmetic issues.

Don’t building contractors check for defects?
Yes, our building contractors check for, and fix, defects before signing off on projects. Be it house extensions in Solihull or new builds in Sutton Coldfield, your satisfaction means everything to us.

Due to the size and scale of such work, however, it remains likely that some faults will slip through our fingers. As such, building contractors across the country advise clients to draw up a snagging list.

What is a snagging list?
In short, a snagging list identifies defects you find in your new home or extension that you want us to fix. By reporting them to us, our team can act swiftly to resolve the issues.

Constructing a new home or extension from the foundations up represents a huge undertaking. While Dial A Builder works with a meticulous attention to detail, it’s inevitable that some flaws will pass us by. This is normal with any building contractor on projects of this size.

Snagging lists are not just a recommendation for large-scale construction in Solihull and Sutton Coldfield, they’re simply industry process. For your peace of mind, your home or extension will pass all relevant building regulation inspections. Snags represent issues on a much smaller scale.

What should I look for?
Surface defects remain common, especially on woodwork, paintwork, tiling and glazing. We recommend running your hand over new surfaces to check for small scratches or chips. In addition, check that screwed or fitted items meet your standards for operation.

We advise using sticky notes to identify any snags you find. Not only does this make them visible for you and our building contractors, they won’t mark the surfaces either.

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