House Builder in Solihull | Things Our Roofing Contractors Consider

Whether assisting house builders with new builds and house extensions, or conducting renovations, there are several factors roofing contractors must consider to provide the best roof for your project. Working alongside our building contractors, our roofing specialists meet the needs of every domestic and commercial customer in Solihull. From loft conversions to gutter replacements, Dial A Builder roofing services covers every requirement.

There are a wealth of options available when it comes to your roof design and installation. Our roofing contractors consult with property owners in Solihull to deliver effective and attractive solutions. While there are a variety of things to consider, we have looked at the 4 key factors below.

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Key Roofing Factors

Choosing the right pitch is important to making sure your property in Solihull looks aesthetically pleasing. This helps house extensions and loft conversions blend in with your existing property. To achieve this, we always use the most appropriate materials, all of which our building contractors source for you.

There are also practical reasons for choosing the right pitch. Rain needs to drain off roofs effectively, and different roof types have certain requirements. For example, cottage-style homes with thatched roofs need a steep pitch of at least 45 degrees. The right pitch for your project will depend on the style and requirements of the build at hand.

Our roofing contractors and house builders work together to recommend and construct the most suitable roofs for your requirements.

Our building contractors always aim to give our Solihull customers great value for money. One way we do this is through high-quality insulation, which increases the efficiency of properties and lowers heating bills. If you don’t plan on using your loft space, whether in house extensions or existing homes, we can place insulation above the attic floor. For loft conversions, our roofing contractors insulate directly under the sloping roof.

When constructing from scratch, house builders can include a warm roof, where insulation sits above the rafters with a membrane over the top. This represents a cost-effective solution to ensure heat efficiency.

Structural Choices
With more ways than ever to build a roof structure, our roofing contractors provide services for every budget and project in the Solihull area. From prefabricated trussed roofs to fibreglass flat roofs, we deliver professional, affordable solutions.

To get the most from new builds, house builders can plan ahead for future loft conversions by factoring this into the design of your roof. Our building contractors cater their services to your needs so, no matter what you hope to achieve, contact us today.

Flat Roofs
A popular choice for contemporary builds in Solihull, flat roofs actually have a barely perceptible pitch. It is vital to get this right, so rainwater drains effectively and doesn’t pool. We regularly use flat roofs for house extensions because they offer simpler installation and can result in a less imposing structure.

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