Loft Conversions in Sutton Coldfield | Heating, Electrics and Plumbing for Extensions and Conversions

Dial A Builder has a proven track record for delivering loft conversions and house extensions on time, within budget and to the highest of standards. No matter the size of your project in Sutton Coldfield, your new living space will require heating, electrical and plumbing work. Our building contractors provide the necessary trades to ensure optimal warmth and functionality. As house builders, we install systems for new builds and property additions, while our roofing contractors help keep properties insulated.

Below, we have taken a closer look at the heating, electrical and plumbing work we undertake during house extensions and loft conversions. To discuss your own construction options with a proven building contractor and roofing contractor, please call us on 07888 555333.

Before starting work, building contractors reassess heating requirements to make sure your existing system can cope with additional rooms. House extensions and loft conversions generally increase the heat load, meaning you may need to upgrade your boiler. If appropriate, it may be more cost-effective for house builders to install a second system.

However, this often isn’t necessary for loft conversions in Sutton Coldfield because our building and roofing contractors create well-insulated spaces. This has the added benefit of improving the overall energy efficiency of your home.

When undertaking conversions, house extensions or new builds, our roofing contractors use the most suitable materials to reduce heat loss. This saves you money on bills and keeps your home warm.

Customers in Sutton Coldfield may opt for a separate electrical system to heat loft conversions, such as underfloor heating or electric radiators. This can save money in the long-term. Our building contractors happily discuss the best solutions for your space during initial consultations.

Unless adding a kitchen, house builders can usually extend existing circuits to provide electricity to house extensions and loft conversions in Sutton Coldfield. We can install any number of sockets on this system to meet your needs. House extensions also offer the opportunity to replace existing single socket outlets and install new features, such as outside lighting.

As experienced building and roofing contractors, our building services cover all aspects of construction. No matter the size of your project, please get in touch to discover what we can do for your space.

If adding bathrooms in loft conversions, it is important to think about the location of your existing plumbing. Usually, we can branch water supplies off your current pipework. To make the process simple, building contractors place the new bathroom as close as possible to existing pipes.

The Bathrooms we create in Sutton Coldfield require extra considerations. For example, showers need full height, so there are limitations as to where they can be installed. Baths can use areas where headroom is restricted but they take up more space. They can also be difficult to get into lofts.

Whether installing bathrooms in loft conversions or house extensions, house builders must ensure appropriate ventilation. This must meet the necessary regulations to prevent condensation and mould as well as maintaining good air quality.

To keep your home in the best condition, our roofing contractors ensure effective external drainage for all projects in Sutton Coldfield, protecting your property from avoidable damage.

For professional building services in Sutton Coldfield, including loft conversions and house extensions, call 07888 555333.